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CoreEL Technologies

#21, 7th Main, I Block, Koramangala
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
CoreEL Technologies is based out of Bangalore, INDIA.

CoreEL is a leading digital video solution provider. We offer IP cores and hardware for broadcast and professional video applications. Our decoding solutions have been deployed by the world’s leading equipment vendors.

CoreEL excels in delivering diverse yet converging services for the electronic hardware and embedded systems arena.

We also design, develop and market system level standard and customised products. Our primary markets are broadcast video, security and surveillance, the education sector, defence, aerospace, telecom and networking.

CoreEL High Performance High Quality Encoder & Decoder (Codec) Solutions

What we offer:
Our expertise is in FPGA based Video Encoding and Decoding Solutions. We offer the following solutions:
1. H.264 / MPEG-2 encoder and decoder IP core development
2. Transport stream encoder & decoder
3. Audio-Video Decoder Module capable of decoding various audio formats and supports VBI closed captioning and which is also customizable.

The target application for our solutions are Broadcast & Professional Video market.

Main advantages of our solutions are High Performance, High Quality, Fully independent hardware implementation, proven & field tested solution.

What are we looking for:
The technology we are looking out for is Video / Audio related compression and decompression technology, ASICs and Module solutions and we will use this technology to understand and upgrade our knowledge and also enhancing our product and get the product to support with features what the industry is looking for. Overall use this technology to build better products for the targeted industry.

The current stage of development of the technology is very matured and proven solution that is field tested and available off-the-shelf.

We are actively looking for representatives who have good knowledge in this domain and also good network so that they can sell our products effectively. Also we are looking for project partner who can help us with some value added IPs to make our product more attractive and feature intensive.

  • ] broadcast
  • ] mobile and portable satellite uplinks
  • ] edge devices
  • ] transmitters
  • ] decoders and receivers
  • ] editing & processing
  • ] archive & storage

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • joint further development


Ravi Srinivasan Chakravarthi

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