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East-West Support

Koekoekstraat 3
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Company Profile:
We provide a wide range of services in all phases of your international adventure within Europe (both East and West):

•Strategic advice: Our advice in choosing export destinations and determination of export procedures is supported by a comprehensive databank of statistic and background information.

•Foreign Investments advice: We have the right balance of knowledge of the commercial, regulatory and legal environment in both Western and Eastern Europe and the cultural and linguistic skills to make the process of doing business much smoother for distant clients - from market entry studies to transaction assistance, and from tax structuring to establishing the right controls.

•Commercial advice: The reliability of your prospects or business partners is being controlled to enable you to take a grounded decision regarding delivery and payment terms. Unlike most consultants, we do not stop here: instead we assist you in building your product marketing strategy, ground your price policy and help you to set balanced goals.

•Operational advice: Selection of the export form, preparing a road map, considering the possibility of grants or subsidies, choice of stock and the most effective marketing tools can affect your business results.

•Communication and information advice: Drafting of contracts in accordance with legislative systems of both the Netherlands and the country of destination, professional interpreters’ / translators’ assistance form an important part of our services.

Located in the Netherlands since 2006, EWS cooperates with local partners in Eastern Europe to serve our clients in the most efficient way.

If innovation is a key purpose, diversity is a key instrument.

What we offer:
The EWC experts provide consulting for institutional development and reform, capacity building, financial planning and management, strategic planning, design and delivery of training programs, to name but a few areas. The EWS management consulting activities focus on the provision of legal, administrative, operational and technical assistance in a variety of sectors for international development projects and donor funded projects.

What are we looking for:
Innovation powered by diversity is our key purpose. The area of its application is rather broad. We are currently focused on high tech, sustainability, waste and water management, machine building, FMCG, agriculture.

As part of the international project management our advisors focus on the following target groups:
•Dutch companies investing in emerging Eastern European markets;
•Eastern European companies willing to represent themselves on the international business market;
•Public and private investors such as the EBRD, the European Investment Bank, World Bank, IFC and FMO;
•EU projects

  • ] management & systems
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] content management

Collaboration sought:
  • manufacturing
  • commercial
  • licence
  • industrial
  • joint further development
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MA Elena Plotnikova

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