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amsterdam inbusiness

P.O. Box 2133
ZIP Code
1000 CC

Company Profile:
amsterdam inbusiness is the official foreign investment agency of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Netherlands. If you are planning to establish your business in Amsterdam, we can show you the best locations, introduce you to the people who can add value or knowledge, and help you to navigate quickly and safely through the bureaucratic and fiscal barriers that are part of any cross-border business venture. And it's all free of charge and strictly confidential.

We can offer you a single contact point to get started, and seize all the opportunities the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer. We will link you to our broad network of public and private partners and we offer full programmes for fact-finding visits to evaluate and select locations, services and professional advisors.

Advise on setting up your company in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

What we offer:
We offer help to companies who are considering establishing in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We can organize programs for fact-finding visits to select locations, services and professional advisors. As we are part of the local authorities, are services are free and confidential.

What are we looking for:
Foreign companies wishing to establish their business in the Netherlands

  • ] consultancy & professional services

Collaboration sought:
  • joint further development


Jan P. de Groot

Director Investment Promotion
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