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Animated Media Inc.

119 Spadina Avenue, Suite 902
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Animated Media is a software company specializing in designing and developing rich media applications for the broadcast, mobile and consumer markets. We focus on 3D and 2D applications that run on smartphones, tablets, IPTV/STB/DTV systems, portable media players and other consumer devices.

We license our VGK Platform development suite, as well as use it internally, to bring intuitive, compelling user interfaces (UI) to life quickly, with tools to implement communications with websites, computers, or cloud services over Wi-Fi. We can leverage the pluses of Adobe Flash and SVG to create compelling UIs that are scalable to display beautifully on any screen size with natively fast performance.

Our background in systems level and 3D graphics development, allows us to provide GPU-accelerated performance and 2D/3D apps development. We support a myriad of hardware systems, provide expertise in maximizing the power of GPUs, and develop for Android, Apple iOS, Linux, Windows & RTOS.

The VGK Platform, a software development suite for multimedia/broadcast applications

What we offer:
Animated Media licenses and uses our VGK Platform to develop multimedia applications with cutting edge features and performance-tuned to the underlying hardware.

The VGK Platform enables integration of rich media content into existing applications as well as standalone, native applications. We empower our customers with an agile and innovative development platform to manage Flash content sourced from any location, allowing 2D/3D rendering across multiple displays and devices, giving direct C/C++ command and control access to the native OS, and enabling independent control of Flash content and ActionScript. We deliver platform optimized performance.

Our primary focus is in the Broadcast (STB/IPTV), Digital Signage, Mobile & Consumer markets.

What are we looking for:
Animated Media is seeking customers in the broadcast, digital signage, mobile and consumer markets looking for multimedia software development tools and applications development services. We are systems level and graphics experts and understand how to put together multimedia applications that are hardware-accelerated and feature-rich. Our technology and services offer many innovative features not available from other providers.

We are also looking for partners within the broadcast, digital signage, mobile and consumer markets that are interested in integrating our products with theirs, working with us on applications development, or looking to represent the company for sales and marketing efforts outside of North America.

  • ] display systems
  • ] content creation
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] content management
  • ] video, music, games

Collaboration sought:
  • technical consultancy
  • joint further development


Lisa Brady

Director of Marketing
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