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AV9 Limited

69 Buchanan Street
ZIP Code
G1 3HL
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
AV9 Limited is a digital media company based in the centre of Glasgow, UK.

The company specialises in working with the Japanese music industry to provide music licensing, distribution, and promotion within Europe.

We are developing a series of projects under the branding "MokoNeko" to develop a true multi-platform experience and looking to speak to companies who may be able to provide services or opportunities to help expand our reach to new audiences.

AV9 Limited - MokoNeko

What we offer:
AV9 is a digital media company with experience dating back twenty years in the industry. Having spent the last six years working closely with companies in the Japanese music, media, and mobile industries we have a unique opportunity to develop projects in the Far East with well established partner companies.

We can also offer a range of digital services to compliment and support traditional media production this includes design, production and hosting for white label social media, ecommerce and rich internet applications.

What are we looking for:
Currently developing the MokoNeko brand to deliver a series of multi-platform projects that will help to increase exposure and sales opportunities for the Japanese music industry in Europe.

AV9 have already secured a number of licensed content deals enabling us to develop online and traditional media projects that will generate revenue for partner companies in a number of ways.

At IBC we are interested in meeting companies who can offer distribution via TV networks, cable, or IPTV for programmes featuring Japanese nusic video content, or can provide services for streaming or other applications that will technically support our online ambitions either through the use of innovative products or hosted services.

  • ] content creation
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] content management
  • ] Digital & Cable TV

Collaboration sought:
  • joint further development


Grahame Smith

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