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Goldman 2
ZIP Code
34 608

Company Profile:
BetterView is an Israel based start-up company that delivers today ground breaking solution for the creation of True HD content from SD raw material (Fully Automated SaaS).
BetterView is NOT doing the conventionally used "blow-up" (or "up-conversion") techniques that stretch the SD video on a HD display!
Instead, our product substantially increase the optical resolution of a video stream, and generates from SD video stream a True HD stream that one wouldn't detect it wasn't originally HD made !
Our main markets are: Content providers, TV Platforms, Professional video production and Video archives.

SD to True HD Conversion

What we offer:
Enterprise implementation of SD to HD Conversion.
SD to HD Conversion Service – Cloud based SaaS.
BetterView utilizes a state of the art technology in image processing, a patented breakthrough in the super resolution discipline, that breaks the "glass ceiling" of previous technologies regarding the handling of complex motion.
Content providers, TV platforms, studios and video archives hold huge amounts of SD video that rapidly looses economic value as time passes, due to the increasing demand for HD content. BetterView's technology can revive these SD vaults to gain back economic value and save them from getting obsolete, by creating virtually unlimited true HD content from the SD raw material!

What are we looking for:
We're looking for the following:
1) Potential partners / customers (who desire to revive their SD repositories and upgrade them to true HD):
+ Content providers.
+ TV Platforms.
+ Professional video production firms.
+ Video archives.
2) Potential complementary technologies:
+ Massive information transportation In/out the cloud.
+ Software & information safety in the cloud.

  • ] post production
  • ] content creation
  • ] editing & processing
  • ] content management

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • licence
  • License Agreement


Yaniv Rotem

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