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EXVA - Experts in Video Analysis, Lda.

Avepark - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia, Zona Industrial da Gandra
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Company Profile:
EXVA - Experts in Video Analysis, located in Avepark – Park of Science and Technology, is a technology-based company, with solid foundations on research and development in video processing and analysis. University of Minho is one of principal technological partner
EXVA products / services incorporate techniques resulting in the context of several research works on moving object motion detection, face detection, tracking of people / vehicles and, behaviour analysis, using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms
At the moment, EXVA has the trademark (EXVA and MOWIE) in 27 European Countries, USA and under a registration process in Brazil.
Main areas of intervention:
•Intelligent Video – Surveillance and Domotic & Control:
•Games & Entertainment
•Tracking & Statistics

MOWIE - Interactive Entertainment Games

What we offer:
MOWIE is a new and revolutionary communication service and brand promotion destined to communication and marketing companies (patent pending).
This technology is destined to public spaces preferentially with a high number of people, for example movie theaters, theaters, stadiums, or music performances, where the brands or the events will be promoted through interactive games. The games are developed for each customer. This way the advertiser can create a specific publicity game for It’s product that will be played by a whole audience.
The moments of fun and relaxation that Mowie causes, associated with the excellent conditions of image and sound, cause in the spectator a positive feel thus increasing receptivity to the brand that is projected on the big screen. This interaction with the consumer, with a great capacity for memorizing the information conveyed in a home theater environment, provides a closer approximation to the target and consequent increase in the notoriety.

What are we looking for:
The MOWIE is a revolutionary technology destined to Marketing and Media companies, organizers and promoters of large events and exhibitions and events whose brands are market leaders worldwide
The licenses and authorization have to be agreed with Exva.

We are interested in establishing partnerships with companies (Advertising and Marketing companies, Multimedia companies and/or tecnhology companies,...) wishing to use our technology in their markets.

  • ] camera
  • ] display systems
  • ] video, music, games

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • licence
  • License Agreement


Frederico Ferreira

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