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Company Profile:
We are a service provider, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
specialising in digitisation of archival film (8mm, 16mm, 35mm) and many different video formats. (VHS, Hi8, Betacam, U-matic, 1 inch B and C format)

SuperSens was established by Jean-Pierre Sens (1965) and started of as a film laboratory in the early nineties. Since the year 2001 the company started transfering archival film for primarely private customers.
Over the years SuperSens made great effort to improve the quality of the work and the workflow. Since 2008 we have worked for a growing number of professional clients e.g. audio visual film archives heritage institutions such as the Eye Film Institute Netherlands and the Sound and Vision Institute in Hilversum.

We see the European market as one with great possibilities. There are many archives containing large quantities of film and video material that still have to digitise and disclose their heritage.

Hi speed film scanning and film preparation

What we offer:
Digitisation of archival film (8mm-16mm and other obsolete formats)
We have developed techniques to transfer any film in any possible physical condition.
We are working on the development of a hi speed film scanning machine that works at 5x speed. Other research is performed on a film splice and film tear detector.
The hi speed scanner can be used for comparing films copies and make fast preview scans. The Splice detector will improve the quality of scanpreparation.
Before the film scanning proces archival film material needs to be inspected and often repaired. This is a very time consuming process.
Both technologies offer faster and cheaper workflows with higher output.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for a partner with know how on LED illumination.
We will be using the LED in a Hi resolution archival film scanner.
Our research is in progress allready for serval months. A prototype will be ready 3rd quarter 2011. We are looking for a research partner with knowlogde on spectometrie an LED illumination.
The partner should be able to do research and manufacture a LED light source for the use of fllm scanning purpose.

  • ] lighting systems
  • ] film

Collaboration sought:
  • manufacturing
  • technical consultancy


Jean-Pierre Sens

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