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SProjects T/A Snibbe Interactive EU

69 Belfield Avenue
ZIP Code
EH53 0QY
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Snibbe Interactive has been providing advanced tech solutions using Gesture Recognition Technology and Augmented Reality to create magical, award-winning full-body social interactive experiences for most of last decade, in places like theme parks, Science museums, Airports, corporate, head offices, events, DooH Market and much more.

You can see our work in more than 20 countries at prestigious institutions worldwide including Shell Oil UK, Glasgow Science Museum, MGM, Sony, London's Science Museum, Dell Computer, France's Cite de Science, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Guinness Museum of World Records (Los Angeles), McDonalds), just to name few.

Gesture Recognition Technology & Augmented Reality

What we offer:
We can provide the following services for a complete total turn key interactive experience.
1. Consultation with client for exhibit goals, requirements and solutions
2. Development of comprehensive design proposal including all software and hardware components and three-dimensional schematic diagrams
3. Programming, animation and graphic design for custom and unique projects
4. Procurement and delivery of all hardware and software components
5. On-site installation, configuration and calibration of hardware and software kit
6. Testing and quality assurance
7. Operating and installation manuals
8. Warranty & supports
9. licenses & documentations

What are we looking for:
Commercial opportunities, commercial co-operation, Active distributors in the AV and Dooh market, Marketing , Communication and outdoor agencies, Museum and theme park operators.

  • ] camera
  • ] display systems
  • ] editing and effects software
  • ] content creation
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] content management
  • ] video, music, games

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • joint further development
  • License Agreement


Samir Rhazali

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