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Company Profile:
VoiceInteraction is a technology SME developing base and advance technology on the speech processing area, as a spin-off from the Spoken Language System Laboratory (L2F/INESC-ID, Portugal).
VoiceInteraction believes that speech will be the main interface to information technology systems and want to be a reference on the area. Over a solid and strong R&D background is offering innovative solutions centered on speech processing technologies.
They are developing ASR solutions for online, real-time and fully automatic closed captioning of broadcast news programs and improved techniques for news segmentation and indexation for new media searching paradigms for IPTV and Mobile TV.

Media Monitoring Solution (MMS)

What we offer:
A system for transcription, segmentation and indexation of TV and radio programs to be used as a means of selective dissemination of information through the definition of user profiles based on specific topics and advanced search methods.
Fully automatic and integrated solution based on the most advanced speech recognition technology that transcribes to text the audio of the selected news programs. The texts and the audio events annotation, as music, speech, speaker segmentation, are the base to advanced automatic methods of content segmentation and indexation based on semantic information.
The system provides new contents to IPTV and Mobile TV solutions based on user profiles and recommendation platform to accessing TB contents. The system is working on English, Spanish and Portuguese. Other languages on demand.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for a media partner to include this solution on their infrastructure for distribution of IPTV, Web TV or Mobile TV, or a technology partner with capacity to integrate these technologies on their product offer.
This solution could be used for TV and radio broadcasters for closed captioning, for web publication of information programs, using transcription as a means for indexation and searching of contents.
This solution is presently deployed on several media clipping companies, on TV broadcasters and ready to be used / integrated.

  • ] metadata logging systems
  • ] content management

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • joint further development


Prof. João Neto

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