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City of Huerth

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 40
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Media enterprises need space and a state-of-the-art infrastructure to develop and prosper. Hürth can offer you both - this is why it has become one of the major television production sites in Europe.

It is not without a reason that successful TV formats such as the quiz show "Wer wird Millionär" have chosen Hürth as their production location. And it is not by chance that the launchof the first permanent high definition TV production took place in Hürth: Our city sets standards in studio productions as well as concert recordings, in sports coverage as well as post-production.

The vivid and extremely well-equipped Hürth mediascape is continously improving and offers lots of valuable synergetic options. So, make best use of the more than 30 studios and approx. 80 media enterprises with some 3.500 employees.

Investor Guide for the City of Hürth

What we offer:
The Hürth mediascape comprises a cross-pollinating mixture of innovative power, dynamic entrepreneurism and high service level. As a vibrant business centre Hürth shows impressive evidence that the best success stories are created in an optimal environment.

We offer:
Cost-free care and counseling, Solution, development support, Financial advice, Premises and building ground, Operational and project development support

What are we looking for:
We are looking for Media companies doing business in Hürth.

You bring your knowhow, equipment, employees and conceptions - and we will do our best to offer you optimal settlement conditions for your organisation to profit from. Our many years of relevant experience enable us to ensure highly efficient services without any red tape obstacles. This holds true for a year-long business partners as well as the newly arrived media enterprises, and it is obvious in all fields of business activity.

  • ] camera
  • ] camera robotics
  • ] radio
  • ] acquisition production
  • ] management & systems
  • ] post production
  • ] display systems
  • ] broadband
  • ] broadcast
  • ] lighting systems
  • ] metadata logging systems
  • ] microphones
  • ] radio automation
  • ] audio measurement
  • ] headphones
  • ] monitors and loudspeakers
  • ] editing and effects software
  • ] noise reduction systems
  • ] reverse video/audio infrastructure
  • ] mobile and portable satellite uplinks
  • ] modular systems
  • ] IP networks and switches
  • ] routers
  • ] edge devices
  • ] transmitters
  • ] decoders and receivers
  • ] content creation
  • ] editing & processing
  • ] film
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] archive & storage
  • ] system automation & control
  • ] test & quality control
  • ] WiFi
  • ] WiMAX
  • ] content management
  • ] video, music, games
  • ] Digital & Cable TV

Collaboration sought:
  • manufacturing
  • commercial
  • licence
  • industrial
  • technical consultancy
  • quality control
  • maintenance
  • joint further development
  • License Agreement


Carsten Krause

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