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Novosadskog sajma 18
ZIP Code
Novi Sad

Company Profile:
● Software company, founded in 2000
● Specialized in Business information systems, managing of all stages in a project life-cycle
● Development and maintenance of enterprise-sized solutions in Internet oriented technologies
● Technology expertise: .Net and Java
● Experience in industries:
– Global Trade Management, Logistics
Working for leader in global financial services and investment banking
– Workforce acquisition
Development of HR solutions used by more then 60% of Fortune500 companies
- Ticketing and event management
Solution for successful organizing and managing various events

BILET - ticketing and event management solution

What we offer:
Intens has developed a new web browser based application as a result of improving and upgrading existing solutions, developed by tracking needs of our clients during five years
Internet/Intranet based application for theaters, cinemas, ticketing agencies, stadiums, concert halls…
Managing: Box office, Repertoires, Concessions, Internet content, Marketing activities, Financial reports...

Innovative aspects and main advantages / benefits
•Web application with Internet and intranet modules for the best performance
•Software as a service concept for different niches in this industry
•Synchronized repertoire, content and web site data
•Realistic venue editor with seat designer
•Easy to use and eye catchy Flash UI
•Cost effective box office and Internet sales/reservation
•Speeding up the event management processes and working cycle control

What are we looking for:
Intens is in search for sales representatives / distributors or channel partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Intens is in search for new knowledge and technologies in the branch of event management and organisation.

  • ] management & systems
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] content management

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • licence
  • technical consultancy
  • joint further development


Branko Macura

business development manager
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