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14 rue des Selliers
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Marolles en Brie

Company Profile:
Founded in 2002, NeoGroupe manufactures software applications for small- to large-scale radio and television broadcasters.

NeoGroupe’s applications feature intuitive functionality and enhance the workflow between individuals in a business environment.

The company develops standard and tailor-made database solutions based around its extensive media workflow experience and boasts a variety of customers ranging from high-profile talk shows to major public organizations worldwide.

Applications include contest / winners management, call screening, SMS / website audience interaction, budget, purchasing, and hardware inventory solutions.

Headquartered near Paris, the NeoGroupe customer base includes Radio France, Sirius Satellite Radio (“The Howard Stern Show”), CBS, HSN®, Clear Channel Communications, Z100, AMP Malaysia, Réseau Outre-Mer 1ère, RTL2, Fun Radio, RTBF, NRJ, Nostalgie, Europa Plus Russia, and YLE.

Custom database development

What we offer:
We are experts in database development for media companies. We do not do automation, but rather concentrate on the organization of work in between individuals.

Our custom applications division uses fast and efficient tools, together with our knowledge of media operations in order to produce software applications that help teams work together.

Because whenever you need new software for your organization, it is much better not to have to change/reimport the database and data you created and own, we are able to provide you with a long lasting solution, that renders you independent from a single vendor.

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What are we looking for:
Media groups in search of a database software tool for organizing their business (production / adminstration / preparation) and that are unable to find a suitable existing package on the market.

  • ] radio
  • ] management & systems
  • ] editing & processing
  • ] content management


Philippe Halin

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