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LoudRevolution Ltd

Hämeentie 153 B
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Company Profile:
Based in Helsinki (Finland) LoudRevolution brings the music industry its long needed ict-solutions. These solutions bring significant improvements to work management, communication and business efficiency in the industry.

Our first service is called LoudEvents.
It makes artists and music venues lives significantly easier: sending gig requests, booking bands, agreeing on gigs and keeping track of your work has never been this efficient.
Over 230 artists and pilot venues registered in Finland, first gigs booked.

LoudEvents, the future of live music work management and communication.

What we offer:
LoudEvents offers a revolutionary way for artists and music venues to manage their work, communicate and make their work much more efficient. LoudEvents is targeted at small and medium sized venues and bands. We are not talking about Lady Gaga here ;).
For Artists: LoudEvents is a simple and genius way of doing gig sales and settling the conventional matters for the gig (soundcheck, mixing etc.) with the venue and other performing artists.
For Venues / Restaurants: LoudEvents offers a perfect set of tools to organize live events. The service saves the event managers from the trap of the multi-channel communication of today by channeling the communication related to event booking to a single service that hosts the perfect tools for the job.
Over 220 artists have already using the service in Finland. Pilot venues are using it also and first gigs have already been booked using LoudEvents.

What are we looking for:
Partners to represent (market, sell and promote) LoudEvents and coming LoudRevolution services in Europe.
We offer everything we can to help our partners achieve massive sales at their market area. Personnel at LoudRevolution include e.g. sales professionals and web-marketing experts, so we are able to work together with our partners at all levels.

Best partners for us would be:
-an agent (live music)
-a 360 record label
-or some other person/company that meets the requirements below

Our partners must have:
-a good sense of humour
-a great attitude in general and a will to help the live music industry
-live music industry knowledge
-excellent contacts to live music venues at your market area or at a key area of your market area
-great communication skills

  • ] management & systems
  • ] video, music, games

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • licence
  • License Agreement


Oki Tåg

CEO and Co-Founder
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