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kester services international

forsythiastraat 8
ZIP Code
6982 bb

Company Profile:
Based in the Netherlands, I am specialised in finding the right partners, distributors for OEM'ers who are looking to market and sell their products on the european markets.
Strong points: more then 20 years of international marketing and sales experiences throughout whole Europe.
Knowledge of 6 languages: english, german, french, spanish, basic italian and of course dutch.
Specialized in B2B industries, but also knowledge of B2C.
Weak points: a one woman company; can accept only a couple of orders at the same time.
Please get in contact with me by mail.

Specialized in setting up complete distribution networks, analysis of markets, finding the right partners (analysis of finance, HRM, marketing and sales

What we offer:
We can offer you:
-specialized market research on all european markets
- to build up and expand complete distribution network throughout Europe
- analysis of the right partner (finance, HRM, Marketing and Sales)
- advice on specialized markets how to improve sales
- Commercial knowledge of 6 languages (english, french, german, spanish, basic italian, dutch)
- more then 20 years marketing and sales experience on european markets B2B and B2C

What are we looking for:
We are looking for overseas (US/Australian) manufacturers, OEM'ers, who want to promote and sell their products/services on the european market.
Also european manufacturers might be interesting, if they are looking to expand their business in other european countries

  • ] content creation
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] content management

Collaboration sought:
  • manufacturing
  • commercial
  • joint further development


desiree kester

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