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Company Profile:
IPgallery, founded in 2000 USA with R&D in
Israel, allows MSOs, SPs and content owners to capitalise on content delivery while turning digital rights constrains into charging mechanism.

IPgallery’s solution is integrated with social communities e.g. Twitter,Facebook, enabling access to the content while signed into the community as an individual consumer or as a group.

IPgallery’s cloud-based applications are a comprehensive suite that runs on standard platforms, and it ensures the following benefits:
• Better compete against OTTs (e.g. iTunes ,Netflix)
• Generate revenues from content consumption as well as Value Added Services e.g. nPVR, Time Shift, Place shift, etc.
• Easy integration into existing networks and OSS/BSS systems.
• Simple maintenance
• Fast roll out of new services
• Great flexibility in adding functionally and blending of services
• Smooth run on top of IMS for those applicable
• Supporting competitive branding.

MySocialZone - concurrent group viewing and VAS

What we offer:
MyViewGroup (powered by VideoThru – IPgallery’s Video Division) enables concurrent group viewing of any content from any source anywhere, anytime, with anyone, on any device, regardless of the group member’s present social community login or service provider subscription or viewing location. IPgallery allows MSOs, SPs and Content Owners alike to capitalize on content sharing while turning digital rights constrains into transparent charging mechanism.

IPgallery’s solution is cloud-based browser-based (i.e. server resides in the cloud and no clients required). MyViewGroup is integrated with Social Communities (e.g. twitter, facebook, google+) enabling any viewer to create his/her social community across social communities and cross different service providers to enjoy an all-embracing socializing group experience including of concurrent video watch with chat/talk and additional VAS capabilities anywhere on any device.

What are we looking for:
IPgallery’s MySocialZone targets MSOs, SPs and Content Owners as standalone or as a joint solution and supports the following main functionality:
* Content Rights handling
* Billing settlement
* VAS such as nPVR, Place Shift, Time Shift and more
* Multi Social Communities integration
* Handling various content sources transparently

IPgallery is looking for potential customers, system integrators, local distributors and partners

  • ] IP networks and switches
  • ] content creation
  • ] content management

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • licence
  • License Agreement


Avihai Degani

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