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Technology Park Malha
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Company Profile:
Tangotec solutions allow its customers to distribute IP based services over home/building EXISTING INFRATRACTURE such as Powerline, Telephony (RJ11), Coax (CATV/Satellite), CAT5/6 as well as Wireless. The solution is perfect for distribution of IPTV, IP-Telephony Internet Gaming, High speed internet access and any other IP service. The company’s networking solutions are aimed for the Residential and Retail segments (following the evolving standard) as well as commercial/ enterprise markets (i.e.: offices, MDUs, hotels/resorts, campuses, hospitals, etc.).

Forming new networks for distributing IP services is, in many cases, the biggest expense an Enterprise customer may face. Home users have difficulties in accessing the web & IP streaming in same high speed in the different areas of the house/apartment due to degradation of the wireless signal in areas away from the main access point.

Company references: Tangotec solutions are deployed & evaluated by leading worldwide Telcos and system integrators
Main partners: Tangotec is seeking to enlarge its strong worldwide partnerships with its leading distributors & VARs.
Investors: Venture-backed

What we offer:
Tangotec networking solutions allow its customers to distribute IP based services by exercising the “no new wires” concept while using EXISTING INFRATRACTURE such as Power lines, Telephony (RJ11), Coax (CATV/Satellite) Thus eliminating the need to form new networks & allow home uses to enjoy of high speed internet access anywhere in their residence.

Tangotec solutions can be connected to all existing home & enterprise infrastructures simultaneously leaving the equipment to chose the best quality connection via its unique “auto sensing” mechanism. The company technical team has more than 30 years of experience in CATV & IP networking.
Business Benefits for the Customers
Home customers can benefit from an immediate Plug-N-Play network allowing them to gain high speed internet access everywhere around the residence. Enterprise customer can form an IP network in a matter of hours by using existing infrastructure.

Home & Enterprise networking solutions for IP over any infrastructure. ready module to be implemented in STBs TangoTec solution is perfect for IPTV & PTTH applications.

What are we looking for:
Geographical areas – World-Wide
Targeted companies – System Integrators, Telcos, Distributors
Relevant departments within company – For Integrator: Projects manager, For Telcos: Home Networking

So we are looking for partners - distributors, system integrator's etc. - in all territories

  • ] IP networks and switches
  • ] WiFi
  • ] Digital & Cable TV

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial


Erik Melki

Sales Director
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