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goHDR Ltd.

78 Woodcote Avenue
ZIP Code
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
We are located in the UK West Midlands.
We are a Software company with a strong research component.
goHDR is a spin out company from the International Digital Laboratory, WMG, University of Warwick. The company has developed novel software which enables High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging on existing infrastructure. HDR allows the capture and display of real world lighting, eg. the ability to clearly see the football when it is kicked from sunshine into shadow. We have a patented algorithm that compresses HDR video at greater that 100:1 with minimum quality loss.

Our goHDR Media Player decompresses and displays HDR video directly to HDR displays, or the content can be viewed tone mapped, or different exposures shown through a slider, on a LDR display. The viewer has a choice of tone mappers, and can even include their own, to significantly enhance the viewing experience. goHDR software ensures HDR content is preserved across the entire HDR pipeline from capture, through manipulation, to display.

Software for enabling HDR video

What we offer:
Expertise: Software for enabling HDR video content, including compression, dynamic image based lighting (IBL)

Innovation: A patented compression algorithm capable of at least 100:1 within minimum quality loss; a Media Player for displaying HDR video content on both HDR and LDR screens; and techniques for relighting virtual objects with HDR video.

Uses: HDR video is capable of capturing and displaying real-world lighting, eg. the ability to clearly see the racing car as it enters or leaves a tunnel.; dynamic IBL enables virtual objects to be accurately visualised under real, changing lighting conditions

Advantages: goHDR’s products are the first commercial software for HDR that has been thoroughly tested using actual HDR video (20 f-stops, full HDR resolution at 30 fps).

What are we looking for:
Partners sought: Collaborators who wishes to embrace HDR video content for broadcast, niche imaging applications or relighting of virtual objects.

Industry sectors: Film and entertainment, sports, games, security, medical, industrial design.

Tasks to be performed: Inclusion of HDR video content in their existing workflows.

  • ] camera
  • ] acquisition production
  • ] post production
  • ] broadcast
  • ] editing and effects software
  • ] decoders and receivers
  • ] content creation
  • ] video, music, games

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • joint further development
  • License Agreement


Professor Alan Chalmers

Innovation Director
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