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IP4Media Service & Solution GmbH

Papenreye 61
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
We are located in Hamburg and Munich, Germany.

Organised as a sales and networking company, experienced in Media and Broadcast environments.
Part of our portfolio are solutions from Annova, IBM, active, Elemental Technologies, Step2E and a lot of others, partially own developments.
We provide the answers to your questions about Media & Broadcast Infrastructures.
Together with a partner network, located in Europe we offer consulting, conception, planing, professional project management to achieve your goals set.
We do this for all parts from production about PostPro until broadcasting. Value added Services as a follow up support in different levels are to be given.

Media & Broadcast Solutions and Network

What we offer:
As Partners from well known companies we offer the whole solution workflow from Ingest until playout in classic and new media.
We are exclusive and only licensed partner from Annova for the Open Media Base as well as for solutions from Step2E for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
As the first partner worldwide we provide IBMs Admira solution as a project based solution as well as in some appliances for archiving and transcoding.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for just a few very engaged partners to get together with us in a network concept to support and fulfil customers requirements across Europe and - perhaps- also in EMEA region.

  • ] radio
  • ] acquisition production
  • ] management & systems
  • ] post production
  • ] broadband
  • ] broadcast
  • ] metadata logging systems
  • ] radio automation
  • ] reverse video/audio infrastructure
  • ] modular systems
  • ] IP networks and switches
  • ] edge devices
  • ] decoders and receivers
  • ] content creation
  • ] editing & processing
  • ] film
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] archive & storage
  • ] system automation & control
  • ] test & quality control
  • ] WiFi
  • ] content management
  • ] Digital & Cable TV

Collaboration sought:
  • manufacturing
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • technical consultancy
  • maintenance
  • joint further development
  • License Agreement


Joerg Sondermann

Account Manager
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