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Company Profile:
Tvinci is a Pay OTT TV platform for operators, broadcasters and media companies interested in offering users linear content, catch-up TV and VOD on multiple devices. Customers using Tvinci stream premium content across connected TV, tablet, PC, smartphone, internet enabled STB and game console, and monetize it through Pay Per View, ads, packages and subscriptions. End users enjoy Tvinci's unmatched device availability and level of personalization as well as its ability to offer multiple and unique business models. Tvinci specializes in customizable high-end solutions for leading brands like Orange and MTV, and has been deploying its platform since 2007 for customers worldwide.

Tvinci - Pay OTT TV Platform

What we offer:
Tvinci's solution is based on its Tvinci MediaHubTM and Tvinci MediaStoreTM systems which are designed to fit cross-device OTT requirements. The Tvinci MediaHub is the core of Tvinci's platform, used for the management of video content, business rules and users on any internet device. It is a one-stop-shop for controlling the entire life cycle of a digital asset: from ingest through management and business rules setting, pricing and billing, to analysis of its consumption and the viewing experience of the end user. The Tvinci MediaStore is the consumer interface for Tvinci's Pay-OTT video platform, designed to offer each user the videos that he or she is most likely to purchase. By aiming at lowering the purchase barriers and utilizing up-to-date intelligence on each user's favorite content, viewing habits and payment preferences, Tvinci MediaStore is intended to turn viewers into active subscribers / content buyers. The Tvinci MediaStore manifests itself on the various devices via API. The storefront application/portal can be provided by Tvinci as part of the solution.

What are we looking for:
Pay-TV providers: Fight “cord cutting” by expanding their existing TV offering to multiple devices, launch a “TV Everywhere” service to protect their assets.

Telcos / ISPs : Create a brand new TV platform (based on OTT) – new revenue source

Broadcasters: Increase exposure to their content with Catch-Up TV service (often a paid service), create a billing relationship with their viewers.

Content aggregators: Copy the success of Netflix and look for a “white-label Netflix” platform.

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Dubi Levinbaum

Marketing Manager
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