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Gravity - Rock Solid Recommendation

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Company Profile:
Gravity – Rock- Solid Recommendations is a privately held global technology company, currently with offices in North America and Europe and serving major clients on three continents with over 100 million recommendations daily. Gravity provides the best-in-class, state of the art, personalized marketing solutions for IPTV/CATV and e-commerce. Gravity’s unique recommendation system substantially boost the revenues of our corporate clients.
Recommendation systems, Easily deployable for E-commerce, IPTV/CATV and Mobile Apps, Personalized Search, Targeted Advertising and Reporting.

IMPRESS - state of the art VoD upsell module

What we offer:
IMPRESS is a next generation recommendation solution that increases revenues by seamlessly learning and understanding subscriber watching behavior, and makes real-time personalized recommendations. It improves customer engagement, propelling the number of premium subscribers with superior media content recommendation and search. Service providers with IMPRESS significantly increase VoD and Pay TV content sales and package up-selling. Subscribers receive tailored program offers not only with obvious recommendations, but with programs that have strong relevance to user preference and can provide a compelling discovery effect. IMPRESS’s accuracy at predicting which content to recommend with the highest likeliness of conversion makes it an asset.

What are we looking for:
Gravity is looking for potential partners from the CaTV, IPTV, Satellite and OTT industries. We offer a state of the art recommendation engine with a proven track record of being easy to integrate and efficient in driving up revenues trough increased VoD sales.

Gravity is also interested in meeting potential technology partners who are looking to make their products more attractive by expanding their product offer with the pre integrated version of upsell module.

  • ] broadband
  • ] broadcast
  • ] metadata logging systems
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] system automation & control
  • ] content management
  • ] video, music, games
  • ] Digital & Cable TV

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • licence
  • industrial
  • maintenance
  • joint further development
  • License Agreement


Zoltan Petres

VP of Product
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