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ING Bank

Amstelplein 1
ZIP Code
1096 HA

Company Profile:
ING is a financial services institution providing banking, insurance and asset management services with worldwide presence. It is able to service parent companies and its subsidiaries in 40 countries, has local presence in 23 countries and vast knowledge of local markets, conditions and cross-border expertise.

-Do you want to be in control of your international financial activities (e.g. working capital and cash management, lease, financial markets and trade finance)
-Would you like to benefit from ING’s international network?
-Is there a need for someone that understands both your business and the country you operate in?

“ING, helping you achieve your international ambitions”

What we offer:
ING fully services your financial needs nationally and internationally. This combined with our strong knowledge and focus on the media and ICT sector can provide a strong local network in business. We offer:

-Local presence in 23 countries;
-Extensive knowledge of the Media and ICT business environment
-A single point of contact;
-Knowledge of local markets and conditions, and cross border expertise;
-Coordination within the ING network;
-Support abroad as partner in international business;
-Cash management solutions for your business needs;
-Biggest international network of Benelux banks.

Our knowledge and expertise allow you to quickly engage and upscale your European business. The sector based approach of ING assures extensive knowledge of the media and ICT sector and interesting insight in your business by our colleagues

What are we looking for:
We know, from our own experience, the challenges that internationally active companies face. ING is looking for ambitious companies that want to engage in business in the Netherlands and other European countries. We are looking for companies who would like to build a lasting business relation.

  • ] consultancy & professional services

Collaboration sought:
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • joint further development


Pieter van den Hoven

Relationship Manager
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