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Recore Systems

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Company Profile:
Recore Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that develops advanced digital signal processing platform chips and licenses reconfigurable semiconductor IP. Recore's technology enables ultra energy-efficient digital signal processing in products such as cell phones, digital radios/TVs and infotainment/navigation systems.

The company is specialized in reconfigurable multi-core designs that allow instant adaptation to new situations and offer a unique combination of flexibility, high performance, low power and low cost. Scalability of the technology allows use in both consumer and high-end applications.

Recore's reconfigurable technology comprises innovative processor cores, design tools for easy integration in customer solutions and ready-to-use applications. Besides reconfigurable hardware solutions, Recore provides accompanying IDE tools, software libraries and application engineering services.

VP Marketing and Sales

What we offer:
Digital radio/TV solutions
Recore Systems has developed Moon, a family of versatile, low power digital radio/TV receiver chips. Moon natively demodulates any combination of DAB, DAB+, DMB and FM and decodes and plays digital audio/video content. Using Recore’s reconfigurable technology inside, the Moon can easily be reconfigured to receive next-generation digital broadcasting standards.

What are we looking for:
ODM, OEM, Module manufacturers, Software designers

  • ] radio
  • ] broadband
  • ] microphones
  • ] radio automation
  • ] audio measurement
  • ] noise reduction systems
  • ] decoders and receivers

Collaboration sought:
  • manufacturing
  • commercial
  • technical consultancy
  • joint further development


Raoul Daniels

VP Marketing and Sales
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