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Mahyulan Project Professionals

Parkhaven 102
ZIP Code
8242 PK

Company Profile:
The company is specialized in designing and realizing state of the art broadcast and high-end multi media systems.

Main activities:
1) Project management closely related to the technical design and coordination with Civil contractor
2) Consultancy
3) Technical and ergonomic design
4) Commissioning of systems

We can support the project in English, German and Dutch

The specialists that Mahyulan Project Professionals can provide have long successful track records in the broadcast and multi media industry.

Recent projects:

2011&2010 On-site project management for Media Training Center for North Western Universities in Qatar comprising of two HD Television Studios with newsroom system & automation, TV and audio control room, eight video edit suites and viewing room

2009 Institute for Sound and Vision Project management, system architecture, workflow management design:
Audio digitizing and archiving factory for preserving Dutch audio-visual heritage.

Project Management & System Integration & Consultancy & Design

What we offer:
Areas: Broadcast, Multi Media Systems, Automation, Workflow management

30+ years of expertise by several excellent specialists who have done dozens of successful projects worldwide

What are we looking for:
We are looking for new challenging innovative projects for which we can provide project managers, consultants, design and system engineers, Auto Cad specialists and commissioning engineers. We provide best services for high end projects.

  • ] camera
  • ] camera robotics
  • ] radio
  • ] post production
  • ] broadcast
  • ] lighting systems
  • ] monitors and loudspeakers
  • ] editing and effects software
  • ] modular systems
  • ] routers
  • ] film
  • ] consultancy & professional services
  • ] archive & storage
  • ] system automation & control
  • ] test & quality control
  • ] content management

Collaboration sought:
  • technical consultancy


Bert Hennephof

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