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Omega Digital Electronics

Beursplein 37
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Company Profile:
OMEGA is the European manufacturer of high-quality Set Top Boxes to the digital TV industry throughout Europe, Russia and the neighbouring countries.
With years of proven track record in Europe and successfully providing the selected European operators with considerable number of set top boxes, we are ready to deliver expert solutions to our new and prospective customers.
Our state-of-the-art, low cost production facility in Izmir, Turkey, with fully automated assembly line and our distribution hub in the Netherlands provide us with unique logistic advantages and ensure our price competitiveness and high quality production.
We reflect our long standing experience in the field, combined with best-in-class engineering, expert sales and account management to meeting the needs of our clients.
Our expertise and strong relationships with several suppliers and industry-leading companies contribute to our competitive edge.
Creativity and innovation are our driving force.
We have set a vision to become the pioneer to reinvent the Set Top Box within a carefully planned time frame. Our management along with our young and passionate team are working towards making this vision reality.

High Quality Set Top Box Manufacturer

What we offer:
We offer,
* Full range of DVB Set-Top-Boxes
* HD and SD Satellite Receivers (DVB-S and DVB-S2)
* DVB-S Radios and TV Receivers
* HD and SD Terrestrial Receivers (DVB-T and DVB-T2)
* HD and SD Cable Receivers (DVB-C and DVB-C2)
* Combo DVB Set-Top-Boxes (combined with DVD or Blu-Ray Players)
* Ethernet and WIFI networked DVB Set-Top-Boxes
* DVB Set-Top-Boxes with GSM Internet access

What are we looking for:
As manufacturer of high, quality digital set top boxes fully compliant with EU norms and environmental specifications, we are looking for importers, distributors and resellers of set top boxes within Europe as well as Russia and neighbouring countries.

  • ] decoders and receivers

Collaboration sought:
  • manufacturing


Onder Konuralp

Chief Marketing Director
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